Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey – it´s a scam? Complete review

Hey, Danny here,

Thanks for checking my blog. You’ve come to the right place if you want a comprehensive answer to the question: is Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey scam or not?

First and foremost, I want to clarify that I will give you an unbiased review of the relationship expert’s self help guide; what you are about to read are essential details to know before grabbing your copy of the program.

This is a review site,

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Reviewing this long and in depth course has been an instructive task, and a complex one – given the remarkable size of the material in it.

When you purchase the program you’re presented with the chance of buying other programs from Mike Fiore too. These include : “Text your ex back”, “Text the romance back” “Secret conversations with men” plus 5 others, including one on advice on using Facebook to conquer the man of your dreams. In a nutshell : it’s a lot of extra material with which your use of the Secret Survey Program will be even more effective. The price of the bundle may seem high but I think it’s worth it, having reviewed some of these extra products.

When you complete the purchase, you’re immediately welcomed by mail and given the link to access the program.

In fact, Secret Survey : the truth about men, is a membership site and you gain access to it forever with your purchase.

The membership site is effectively designed. The main page is the “content” page, in which you have access to the different lessons of the program. Each lesson has a video, explaining the content in brief. You can download the audio file as well, which is the reading of the pdf by Mike, so you can here it in your iTunes and mp3 player.

Complementing each lesson there is a PDF essay that explains the specifical truth about what men want in different areas, or what their behaviors mean. The pdf go into the finest details, yet they are easy to read, and written with a very pleasurable style.

The pdf has real life examples/stories , then it reveals some of the sentences the interviewed men said regarding the topic of the lesson. After that, you read the bulk of the lesson/suggestion Mike Fiore gives you. In the end of the PDF you get a very well done summary of the lesson and the homework. That is, you get two to four excercises explained, which you should try out to really learn the essence of the lesson and apply the contents of the program to your everyday life.

I find the summary and the excercise section very useful. You can refer to the former after the first reading to recall fastly what you neeed to know, and to the latter to really see the results.


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The above material (videos, audio files and pdf files) is not immediately available when you enter the site. You get the first two lessons the first day, then a lesson each three days. So, to go through all the program you actually need to wait almost a month.

After the described course, you get the raw data, a paper exposing the truth about men, which is to say:what men really want. These are the results of Fiore’s Secret Survey, the condensed tought of thousands of men. You get to know their opinion about sex, the dreamed of man valentines day, the men profound response to what is called (sorry about that) “women emotional overreacting”.

There are also, at the moment, SIX extra pdfs reporting interviews with other relationship experts and psychologists, which you get access to after the main course. Fiore promises though, and he seems to be trustworthy, that new material will be updated in the future.

The last thing I explained, plus the post function of the site, make The Secret Survey: The truth about men, a pretty appealing membership site, to check from time to time even after having assimilated all of its contents.

Michael Fiore relationship expert explains that he releases the lessons and interviews gradually to give you the time to study each lesson accurately and do the related exercises, so as to learn all the contents in the best way and to be in the condition of understanding what comes next better. It’s an understandable concern of his, though it actually can be frustrating for the most avid students to wait a month to have a complete knowledge of the course, and to wait even more for the extra interviews to come …


As a buyer of the product you get even a full no hassle sixty days money back guarantee, and you still can get your money back, even given the long term after which you get to know all the program.


 So, to summarize, here are the pros and cons of the program:


– Relatively long time, for the girls looking for men of their dreams, to get all the knowledge of the program.

– Strong language in the “What men want sexually” section, the most conservative ladies can be upset.

– Sometimes difficult to apply suggestions, given the great open-mindedness and humility they need to be properly applied.

-Some annoying advertising in your email.



– Full of effective and real insights on the men minds and behaviors.

– Potentially life lasting support from the constant update of the progam and the possibility to chat with other akin women.

– Funny, easy going and manly way of exposing the lessons, but profound all the same.

– Very useful “what men want sexually” section. I think you will not easily get to know the real truth from men’s mouths. The revelations are so out there that very few men can tell them to you, and, again they still are VERY TRUE.

– Continuous updating of the material.

I hope the review has helped. E-mail me for ANY question please, as a man I will be more than happy to help;


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Back from the long separation and still in love. Whyhelies program updates

Hello to all ladies out there!!

As you probably know from my other post, I’ ve been separated from my lover for three months, but I’ll get to this later . During these months I kept visiting the membership site of Secret Survey, to be sure to be able to give you kind readers some updates on the program.


It’s four months I’m into the program now, and each week I had a couple of emails from Fiore and his team. Some of them were just advertising other programs both from digitalromance (the corporation of Mike and the other relationship experts in Joint venture) and other relationship advisors; other mails were advertising physical books, of course all in the field of romance and love.

I found some of these mails pretty annoying, I felt that they were sent more for business reasons than for a urge to really help women to understand men. I didn’t like that, because I guess that two kinds of women may be interested in this program:

1. women in their twenties, really starting to get emotionally involved in men, and maybe to invest their futures in their relationships;

2. women in their late forties to fifties, who probably have some seriously sad experiences to get over, who unfortunately can feel wrecked, because at their age they feel that they have failed in the relationship part of their lives. Neither of these cathegory of women has to be mistreated, in my opinion, and considered as a mere business target.

As a consolation to the second cathegory I can only say: you’re not a wreck or failure, you only had some misfortune and made some justifiable mistakes, but you can learn from them and still go greatly in your future.

But I received also emails containing useful articles and invites to attend PODCASTS in which Mike Fiore speaks with other relationship experts, psychologists or even friends of his. Technically speaking they’re very well usable, in the sense you can follow the podcasts with iphone or android apps, or directly on itunes. We’re talking about 20+ podcasts of at least 20minutes each, so it’s quite a lot of material.

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I enjoyed a lot these updates, I think they add to the value of the Why he lies program. They add to that “everlasting” usability which comes also from the forum section I spoke about in the main review.

Today, for example, the podcast was half an hour long and contained a dialogue between Michael Fiore and Nora, a middle-aged woman friend of his. The dialogue formed answering questions posted on the site by women and men alike. They went from suggestions on how to deal with menopause changes of mood that can affect the relationship to how to deal with erectile disfunction. More of them were subjects that are not even treated in the membership site, while others were integrations of the contents of the main program.

During these months, there were also 3 interviews with dating gurus and  pickup artists added to the membership site in itself, integrated with the pdf texts, as happens for the main videos. In this way you can browse through the text of the interview and have time to ponder all the details. All of the interviews added to the membership site are conducted with men, in accordance with the spirit of the program, which is to give to women an insight on were men and their minds and emotions are in the love affairs, relationships and marriages.

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Regarding my relationship, I can tell I succeded in staying in a lovely mood with my girlfriend, applying the principles I spoke about in the post “Fix your relationships with positivity”. This, though, is more a story for my other site about long distance relationships.


Fix your relationship with positivity

Hello again, fellow lovers, romance junkies etc. In this section of Secret Survey it’s a scam? post I want to talk about positivity. I’m on the point of moving 7.000 miles away from my beloved for three months, for working reasons. It seems , though, that this thing doesn’t create a sentimental issue, not for me nor for my girlfriend.

In reality, the first time I told her this she cried a lot and was desperate because she was going through a hard time of life (hard work, feeling lonely in life- even regarding friends-quarrels with the family). On top of that, I told her we wouldn’ t have seen each other for quite a while and maybe she would have needed , in the future, to reach me abroad. But, as I was saying, after these first tragical moments, in which she also doubted that maybe I was doing some foreplaying about leaving her, she started feeling more secure.

We looked each other in the eyes and told each other that we loved one another. That three months is not that incredibly long time. That none of us was to blame if , at the state of our relationhip, nobody could feel to abandon everything and move with the partner. And things started to shine again.

This brief anecdote is to say how your optimistic state can affect positively both your long distance relationships and day to day ones. Only being in a good and cooperative mood one can judge that 3 months is not such a long time, only being in a respectful mood one can not blame the other of not loving her or him enough as to move to them, maybe to change country for them. And if you think about it, maybe with the help of some relationships expert, you will profoundly grasp the meaning of what I say. Michael Fiore goes quite a bit on this aspect, with an in depth look on men’s emotions.

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You are the master of your perception of time, ONLY YOU.

You only can decide how to read the behavior of your partner, defining it as menacing or simply his or her natural way of being, with no negative judgement underneath.

Of course, the time should come when you and the partner have to decide where the relationship is going, but there’s no need to get angry or anxious over that moment that will eventually come, and when it will come you will and can be ready. No need to say: “if you move now for work instead of coming and living where I am it means that you don’t love me!” , because many and many time it simply will not be so- that is: not being able to move together doesn’t mean not loving.

And if it at one point the issue of not living together really will be essential, then , but only then, you are supposed to act upon that, always in a peaceful way. Some times, I found that women, even if led from love, tend to put pressure on their men, even in day to day relationships of course, and make the men of the dreams/ prince charming flee away.

This is part of emotional pressure is well analysed in Secret survey: the truth about men program.

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A few tips from a man to all the romantic ladies out there who want to find their true love- BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE AND ON THE SECRET SURVEY

Hey, Danny here

I know that a lot of you are pretty bored with men, with their mind games, maybe with their apparent shallowness. I suggest you make another attempt at understanding and loving them , though, and I ask you to read Michael Fiore: the truth about men it´s a scam?

You know, to find your Prince Charming you should maybe be ready to change yourself in the first place.

You should  recognize that, as you have uncertainties, so do men, that if you are insecure, so men are.

You have to admit, and that may be humbling, that probably you’ve spoken with men the wrong language, plain and simple.

You should understand that men lie , at times, because they see no way out. They are led to choose between lying and hurting you. So, for example, you have to learn to resist the temptation to ask them questions just to test them, or expecting a predefined answer (the only one you’re ready to accept). Because, you see, in the last case he may lie because he cares, to avoid a fight, or to avoid unsettling you.

Beware, though, sometimes men are actually BAD; sometimes they’re plain mean and they lie for the sake of it, or simply to have sex. So, you don’t have to be paranoid, but not even too gullible.

You should understand that what a woman is looking for in the sex life may be radically different from what the men dreams about. Sexuality is a delicate matter, and Mike Fiore goes through it in a pretty bold and uncensored way, of course never being trivial. I suggest you work a lot both on this part of the program and of your life.

I found extremely fascinating the part about manly emotions, and the explanation of why they seem to be emotionallly cold and dumb, but actually aren’t. I hope you’ll pay special attention to that content.

Understand deeply, please, that we can sometimes look other women and fantasize about them, but that this is no reason to assume there’s something wrong in us or in our relationships with you. I hope you’ll chuckle reading Mike Fiore’s report on how many times he takes glimpses of other women during the day.

Be ready to discover what men secretly want but will never tell you.

Please check this small video homage I make to you ladies out there :)

Michael Fiore: what does he tell us on cheating?

Recently, a kind reader of this “Michael Fiore Secret Survey” review site asked me something about cheating.
It was really satisfactory to have a reader directly communicating, I thank her and invite you not to be shy and come to me with questions on the Why he lies program, or on relationships in general.
This worried reader was living a long distance marriage and was completely terrified that her husband was cheating on her.
Through the why he lies program the cheating issue is addressed often, of course. The program, in helping women having their act together, suggests not to make a big deal about cheating, and not to freak out about it. It also reveals, dear women, that cheating is certainly a widespread fenomenon, but we didn’t need Mike Fiore to tell us that, did we?
Anyway, I want to be really personal in this article, as I always try to be. And I want to expose you what I answered to the above-mentioned reader:
Ladies, based on my experience, and on some questions to other men I have done in real life, I can assure you – I am sorry if it displeases you- that cheating not only is pretty common but also – and you probably can be a bit relieved- it does not equate “NOT LOVING”.
I rephrase it to make it easier: if your man cheats on you –I am talking about the occasional accident- it does not automatically mean he doesn’t really love you.
It CAN be that the cheating is the proof and undeniable demonstration that he doesn’t love you, but it is not an indissoluble link.
And, of course, if you get him red-handed plenty of times, you should better consider he is a real jerk and that he doesn’t love you.\
So, again, the occasional, rare, one-night-stand may not mean absence of love.
The real point with cheating is that our western society (but I think something similar goes on in all the world) as linked to cheating all kind of awful meanings. Betrayal is dreaded, as the worse of occurrences. While the true fact is, that, in and of itself, cheating is not that terrible. All the suffering that woman and men tie to cheating is completely irrational, not based on a real damage that the cheated upon suffers, but on the social stigma.

So, this article doesn’t answer the question that gives name to the site – Michael Fiore Secret survey, it’s a scam?- but it addresses a burning topic, a yet unresolved issue of many women.
I salute you suggesting that you dare the difficult but not impossible task of redefining the real meaning of cheating.

Another gem from the author of text your ex back?

This course stands to its hype. I would say that the quality of “Text your ex back” shines all over again in the program. Simple concepts, simple ways of applying them, yet profound and life changing meaning. So, is Michael Fiore Secret survey: the truth about men a scam? read below please.

Enhance your self-confidence.

How not to mention the beauty of the “ I like myself game” on lesson three. A ten minutes per day potentially life-changing excercise. Super easy and super effective. With this exercise you’ll simply get the compliments you want to receive and let your partners honestly pay them to you.You can easily learn how not to underestimate yourselves with the confidence tease.

You will improve your relationships in general with these two excercises.

Click here to visit Michael Fiore’s website.

Discover why men lie.

I was astonished, even being a man myself, from the revolutionary revelations about the reasons men lie. I got even a bit relieved, understanding that some lies are really called for from women, and that they are not so serious, in certain contexts. And even more relieved I get if I think that this material can make woman behave in a way which deosn’t FORCE us men to lie.

Hey gentle ladies out there, trust me, sometimes you do really force us to decieve, but after following the course, you’ll never again ask yourself again “why he lies?”.

Pay attention to your man’s feelings.

We men have emotions too. A lot of women often forget this. With “The Secret survey the truth about men” you will acquire a new perspective. You will become an expert woman looking at  man complex inner world (though it may not seem so :) ).

Solid post section

I loved to navigate trough the posts. While they didn’t strictly serve me, because I am a men and those are meant to serve women, I enjoyed to feel the friendship and complicity that women can create between themselves.

This is truly one of the added values of the program: getting help from women around the world, with different stories and backgrounds, but with the same aim as you. Fiore himself helps out with new posts. With the post section on, you have a guaranteed help for your lifetime.

Honest and unmasked truth about men and their sex life.

The course is entirely founded on the actual surevys Mike Fiore did, and on his long career as a relationship expert, so his material his highly effective, because it’s extracted from what really happens in the real world. No highly complicated and abstract philosophy or psychology, only the simple and down to earth truth. This stands particularly true for the contents of the SEX LIFE section. You will have the actual sex desires of men exposed, understand the core of their sexuality, with no mince words.

Applying the material provided you will make your man valentines day an unforgettable one.

The above are some of the reasons because I would recommend the course over quite a few I followed and reviewed.

Michael Fiore Secret Survey it is a scam? – some considerations

My aim was to make women understand if Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey is a scam or not.  As I progressed through the course I found out many interesting things.

Firstly, Women and Men are more similar than we often think, and this can make true communication and understanding easier than we can think; there is a BUT though, and that is that there are some small differences between the sexes, but they are SO relevant that they HAVE TO be understood, otherwise it’s easy to fall in the stereotypical “men are jerks” “men are dumb and superficial” etc. which leads to dissatisfaction and emotional frustration.

So, mainly, it can be said that the relationships of millions of people are spoiled by the paradox of believing that they are so different and far apart from each other, while they are really very connected and akin, and have to learn just how to recognize that. Another paradox is that sometimes men do the things that women want, but they simply don’t understand that, because they’re stuck in the prejudice mindset, and are led to believe that all is wrong in their man, but it actually isn’t so.

To attain the mentioned result, precisely THE TRUE COMMUNICATION, both the parties of the relationship have to humble down, to be ready to recognize their limits and lacks in their personalities.

This humbling down , though, is by no means difficult to do, especially following the simple excersises provided in the course. In the long run, this procedure will lead not only to having much more success as a woman looking for a partner, but even as a woman in a relationship and, above all, it will lead to an overall improvement as a person. Also, understanding men relationships between them, women out there can truly grasp the true sense of men friendships.

So, at the end of the day, Michael Fiore Secret Survey is a scam? NO, it definitely isn’t.

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I’m Danny a 32 years old professional artist. I love to read instructional reviews and explore membership sites as an hooby. I like it because I can learn a lot and help other people with my honest and in-depth reviews. By now I have reviewed almost 20 products in the relationships niche.


I have suffered many times from fights with my partners, and had my heart crushed too. Often I blamed women for being so distant from me, and so uncapable of relating with me at a profound level.

With experience, I’ve come to discover that if this was actually so, I had my significant share of fault. It has been beautiful to discover someone trying to help women to understand what we men really want. I’ve enjoyed so much going to Secret Survey: the truth about men, and so many times I found myself laughing in reading that a lot of emotions and ideas I had while relating to women are so widespread, yet so unknown to a lot of women.

Me and my sweetie are enjoying love, as everyone should and CAN do. By the way, we are at the moment in a long distance relationship.

Be adviced, though, that the product I talk about there is not working at the moment.

If you want an in depth and honest review of Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey, you’ve come to the right place. I really do hope you  enjoy my review and find it useful.



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